Bodies are incredibly unique and different from each other. Bodies also fluctuate in size and weight, just as style preferences do. We like to celebrate all bodies and the season of life they are in by promoting confidence and personal expression. And yet, when you aren’t sure how to dress due to changes in your body, you might feel frustrated and insecure. Today we’re here to address all the beautiful plus size and curvy women!

Whether you have recently fluctuated in weight, aren’t sure how to dress to flatter your curves, or simply want to learn style tips that will elevate your outfits, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to share four tips for dressing for your body that will completely change the way you think about clothes. Don’t believe that there’s any look or style you can’t wear—you should feel empowered to dress however you like and own it! But if you want to learn about game-changing tips to add to your style repertoire, or need to feel inspired, these ideas will be a huge help. Let’s dive in!

Go By Your Measurements, Not Your Size

Unfortunately for women of all body types, clothing sizes are notoriously inconsistent so that you might fit in a vastly different size in one brand’s clothes than another’s. Sizes can be exclusionary, as well, with some brands only carrying up to a certain size reference that you may or may not fit into—how are you ever to know when sizes vary so much across the fashion industry? Instead of getting bogged down in what size will or won’t fit, be clear on your body measurements

The most important measurements you should know are your waist, hips, bust, and shoulder to hemline fit (this one is more based on personal preference, but it’s wise to know where you ideally like your skirts, dresses, and shorts to fall on your legs). When you know your measurements, you can shop online without the hassle of wondering whether that brand carries clothes that will fit you or not. Sizes are eliminated from the mix when you base your shopping off your measurements; this is a much more effective method of styling yourself, where you dress for your body rather than for a size. 

Wear Clothes That Fit

We know this tip sounds comically obvious, but what we mean is that you should wear fitted clothes that fit. The temptation to wear oversized clothing as a plus size or curvy woman can feel strong sometimes. Part of the problem is that plus size clothing is often made as separate pieces than the ones in straight size clothing lines, and is frumpy and baggy. You should wear clothing items that fit around your form rather than hiding away under excessive drapes of fabric. 

Don’t get us wrong: we aren’t saying you can never wear comfy, oversized clothing. Remember, you should wear whatever makes you confident. But steer away from poorly-fitting clothes as a tactic to hide your body. An outfit that accentuates the natural curves and lines of your body will be the most flattering, and when you realize how amazing you look in the mirror, your confidence will soar!

Balance Your Fitted Layers

If you want to experience pairing complementary tops and bottoms together and the way this will elevate your style game, there are certain shapes that work well together on the top and bottom. In general, the rule is combining fitted with flowy. This can look like a flowy, wide-leg pair of jeans and a form-fitting tank top—the balance of fitted and flowy leaves you comfortable but not swimming in your clothes, and not wearing an all-tight outfit (unless you like to, of course). The same rule applies to a tight-fitting pair of pants like jeggings and a drapey top like a peasant blouse. You can follow this style tip to accentuate your shape, or just as an idea for creating outfits when you’re uninspired. 

Lengthen Your Legs With Shoes

Shoes can play an important role in the way your body appears longer or shorter. The goal isn’t to change your body but to embrace it through the right clothes, and yet there are some style choices you can make that don’t flatter. High top shoes and ankle straps have the illusion of shortening your calves. To avoid this, low top shoes are a good option, although the most leg-accentuating shoe is a pointed toe nude heel. 

All bodies are beautiful, and because they often fluctuate it can be tricky to know how to dress for your body as it currently is. Remember that you can wear anything that makes you feel confident and like yourself, but if you’re stumped about how to dress to compliment your figure, these game-changing style tips will inspire you to enjoy putting together outfits. Whatever you do, follow your fashion heart and you’ll look incredible as your confidence shines through your clothes!