During your childhood, breaking out a graphic t-shirt made you one of the cool kids. People were enamored by the design and wanted to figure out how to get their hands on one. Sometimes you kept it to yourself, while other instances lead you to share the best-kept secret.

Now, as an adult, you might wear these tees less often. Your wardrobe (and age) may have outgrown them a little, but you still love the designs at heart. If you’re considering wearing them again, the only issue is styling them with your new clothes. But fear not; we'll provide some insight on wearing men's graphic t-shirts with any ensemble.

Look at the Fit

One of the most important details of your graphic tee is the fit. You want it to be a manageable size, matching the shape of your body. Ideally, you want something within an inch or two of your body. For the length, you'll want a shirt around your hip area and not covering your pockets or butt.

These sample measurements should give you a start on how to wear a t-shirt in with your new clothes. Although the creative piece on the shirt will stand out, you'll want to ensure it's for the right reasons. Having an ill-fitting shirt may disrupt the overall appeal of your outfit.

Choose Your Design Wisely

As a kid, you would choose whatever design looked the coolest because you wanted something that would stand out. Now that you're older, you can't select any design because the places you frequent are different. So you'll need to consider what you're wearing. 

The question you may have is, "what makes a good design?" Well, it depends on the message you're trying to convey. Remember, "A picture is worth a thousand words," so your graphic should get the point across swiftly. However, you can also wear tees that only use words, making it easier to express your vision. 

A simple rule to follow is the more minimal the graphic, the more sophisticated you'll feel. If you can hang the design in a museum, you should be proud to wear it on your body. You don't need to buy the brand t-shirts like Gucci or Balenciaga; save those for people that feel the need to show off. 

Style it With Different Layers

Although t-shirts can make a mark by themselves, it also helps to style them with other pieces. The best t-shirt colors would be black or white since they won't get in the way of the layers. But if you're adventurous, you can try different colors too.

For example, you could wear a jeans jacket, blazer, or button-up over your shirt. Leaving them completely unbuttoned will showcase the design. Or you can have a few buttons undone so people can get a preview of the graphic. 

Wear the Right Shoes

The designs on graphic t-shirts can make it challenging to make a good outfit. However, you can help simplify the ensemble by pairing your graphic t-shirt with a good pair of shoes. Wearing a robust shoe layout with a designed t-shirt wouldn't be the best look.

Instead, keep the colors casual. It makes the ensemble look more polished. Opt for a black or white t-shirt and your ideal pair of shoes that will keep things looking fresh. If you want a more sophisticated look with your shirt, a couple of Chelsea boots can get the job done.

Wear Your Favorite Accessories

Shirts with designs will always be the center of attention since they aim to stand out. It's even easier to increase their appeal if you accessorize your shirt. We don't mean bejeweling the marking, although that's an option.

Add pieces from your wardrobe, like a hat or belt, to make it pop. Jewelry is also a nice touch to increase the message of your graphic tee. Get creative to see which items help your outfit make a lasting impression.

Here's How You Style Graphic Tees

Styling graphic tees aren't something you would've considered before since you were unaware it was an option. However, with the advice above, it'll be a lot easier to add graphic t-shirts to your wardrobe again. Look at the overall fit of the shirt to ensure it's neat looking.

Also, keep an eye on the design; a minimal design makes your ensemble look more polished and can create a clear message. If you couple that with a nice jacket and a solid pair of shoes, you'll have an outfit that will increase your style in no time.